5 Reasons Why North Point Lodge May Not Be for You

We think that North Point Lodge is the best vacation rental in Park City. But as much as we love North Point Lodge, we realize that it can't fit everybody's needs.  Here are five reasons why North Point Lodge may not be the right vacation rental for you and why you may be better off booking a different Park City vacation rental.  

1. You like noise.  Okay, we're starting this list with tongue in cheek.  But in all seriousness, some people want to rent a condo with a restaurant downstairs and a bar next door. North Point Lodge is not for these people.  North Point Lodge is located in Bear Hollow Village, a quiet, residential community near the Utah Olympic Park.  Within walking distance or a short drive of restaurants, bars and shops, North Point Lodge is the perfect place to kick back and recover after a night on the town. 

2. You want to ski in and ski out. We all want a ski in and ski out vacation rental, but in Park City you need to be a millionaire to afford that kind of fun for a large group. Because North Point Lodge is located only 5 minutes down the road from Park City Mountain Resort rather than directly on the slope, we can accommodate very large groups at very reasonable prices.  As a result, North Point Lodge offers unbeatable value.  

3. You don't need extra space. In general, vacation rentals offer you and your guests significantly more space than traditional hotels offer.  For years, my family stayed at hotels when we were on vacation, which meant that my wife and I would sit in a dark room for an hour after the kids went to bed.  If we were lucky, we could turn on the TV and watch a movie with closed captioning, hoping that the kids wouldn't wake up.  What a vacation!  Then we discovered vacation rentals, where we can put kids to bed in one room and enjoy the rest of the evening in another room.  We also love cooking our own meals in a kitchen and having a living room so that we're not on top of each other. Some people don't need or want this extra space. 

4. You're bringing pets. I love pets, but most of our other guests don't. As a result, North Point Lodge has a strict no pets policy. We can, however, recommend local kennels and other pet services if needed.   

5. You're hosting a rave.  I also love a good rave, but just not in my house. If you're planning to host a wild and crazy party during your vacation, our property manager will recommend that you rent a different venue. Other parties, like birthdays, anniversaries and dinner parties, are always welcome! 

In my opinion, these are the only reasons why you wouldn't love North Point Lodge.  If you are someone who likes a quite neighborhood that is close to the action, an affordable vacation rental that is close to the slopes and lots of extra space (two kitchens and two living rooms!) and you're not bringing your adorable pets or hosting a wild party, then we're sure North Point Lodge will be the perfect vacation rental for your Park City vacation! 

10 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Park City Vacation Rental

Over the past few years, vacation rentals have become an increasingly popular accommodation choice among savvy travelers, including in the Park City area.  Vacation rentals usually offer more space, privacy and flexibility than traditional hotels, not to mention a kitchen and laundry room to boot.  In addition, vacation rentals are often less expensive than traditional hotels on a per guest basis.

If you opt to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel on your next vacation, it's important to ask certain questions that you wouldn't ask if you were booking a hotel.  By doing a little homework, you'll hopefully find the perfect vacation rental for your getaway.  Here is my list of the top ten questions that you should ask before booking a vacation rental: 

  1. What is the bed and bath configuration in each room?  Lots of vacation rentals advertise that they can sleep a large number of guests, but where those guests are actually going to sleep is another matter.  You should always know the following facts about a vacation rental's bedrooms before booking: (a) whether a given bedroom has a king, queen, double or twin bed; (b) whether the bedroom has an en suite bath; (c) where the bedroom is located in relation to the other bedrooms.  You may not, for example, feel comfortable sharing a double bed with your spouse with no en suite bathroom while your infant is in a bedroom located several floors away from you. It's also important to get the details for any alternative sleeping accommodations, such as sofas and roll-away beds.  For example, you might want to know whether a sofa is an actual sleeper sofa or if you will be expected to just crash on the couch college-style.  

  2. What amenities are provided?  Vacation rentals increasingly offer amenities to make sure that your stay is comfortable and memorable. You may want to know whether toiletries, dish soap or laundry soap are being provided. If not, you may need to stop by the grocery store before checking in.  Knowing whether a hair blow drier, bathrobe, pack-n-play or stroller is provided can also help you pack lighter.     

  3. How well is the kitchen equipped? I hate checking into a vacation rental only to discover that I've been provided with only one pot, pan and kitchen knife. Being able to cook delicious meals in your own kitchen is one of the greatest perks of staying in a vacation rental. Make sure that the vacation rental that you book has sufficient place settings and cookware for your stay. You should also ask about the other kitchen appliances, such as whether there is a dishwasher, coffee pot and blender.  

  4. Is there central heating and air conditioning?  This one may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked. A comfortable house temperature can be the difference between a wonderful and a miserable mountain vacation.  

  5. Is there dedicated parking and how close is the vacation rental to Park City's public bus system? Parking in Park City is notoriously difficult.  Some vacation rentals have no dedicated parking or a single parking space.  You and your guests will spend your vacation searching for a place to park!  Other vacation rentals have uncovered parking.  You'll spend your vacation scraping ice off your windshield!  Make sure that your vacation rental has plenty of dedicated, covered parking available during your stay. Park City also has a terrific free public bus.  Before you book, make sure that you know whether the vacation rental is within walking distance of a bus stop.  

  6. What are the check-in procedures?  You should always ask about the check-in procedure before booking.  Do you need keys or is there a keyless entry system? Do you pick up the keys at the property manager's office or at the vacation rental?  What about late-night arrivals and accidental lockouts? Although I think that keyless entry systems are awesome and solve most check-in problems, asking these key-related questions can solve a lot of problems.   

  7. Who do you contact if there are problems?  Make sure you know who you should contact if there are any problems or emergencies.  While many owners like to handle the rental bookings and maintenance themselves, we think that an on-call professional management company can be more responsive and offer the best guest experience. That's why we've chosen Kimberley Blocker of Vacation Rentals Park City to manage North Point Lodge. We think she's the best manager in Park City. 

  8. What is the cancellation policy? Before booking a vacation rental, make sure that you understand the cancellation policy and see it in writing.  Enough said. 

  9. Is a security deposit required? If a security deposit is required, you should know how much is required, when it is due and when it will be refunded to you after your stay. Personally, I prefer it when property managers require me to purchase an inexpensive damage insurance policy in lieu of a security deposit. That way, my cash isn't tied up for months before my vacation and I don't have to haggle with the property manager about returning the security deposit.  

  10. Are there extra fees or taxes?  You may wonder why vacation rentals often charge a separate cleaning fee.  I won't go into the details here, but it has to do with what kind of income tax return schedules the owner files. Just make sure you know whether there is a cleaning fee and how much is charged so that you can calculate your total cost.  Also, failure to comply with check-out procedures may also result in extra fees.  You should also know about those so that you can avoid unnecessary costs.  Because licensed vacation rentals are considered to be small hotels, motels and inns, they are often required to collect sales and lodging local taxes. You should factor that into the total price as well when booking a vacation rental.    


Welcome to North Point Lodge

Welcome to the North Point Lodge blog. We plan to use this space to share information that will help you prepare for your trip to Park City and your stay at the Lodge.  We also plan to share a variety of things that we love about Utah, Park City and the Lodge. 

To kick things off, we'll start with an excerpt of a poem by Utah native May Swensen, a 20th century poet and playwright. The poem is about hiking in Utah's Wasatch mountains above a lake located approximately two hours north of Park City, pictured below.

Above Bear Lake by May Swenson
Sky and lake the same blue,
and blue the languid mountain between them.
Cloud fluffs make the scene flow.
Greeny white pools of aspen snake up,
graven with welts and calluses where branches
dried and broke. Other scabs are lover-made:
Initials dug within linked hearts and, higher
some jackknifed peace signs.
A breeze, and the filtered light makes shine
a million bristling quills of spruce and fir
downslope, where slashes of sky and lake
hang blue—windows of intense stain. We take
the rim trail, crushing bloom of sage,
sniffing resinous wind, our boots in the wild, 
small, everycolored Rocky Mountain flowers.
Suddenly, a steep drop-off: below we see the whole, 
the whale of it—deep, enormous blue—
that widens, while the sky slants back to pale
behind a watercolored mountain.